The Sydney Tweed Ride report – part 1 – thank you’s

Well Sunday was the big day and what a BIG day it turned out to be! So many riders and everyone just looking so fabulous.

Photos and videos have already started emerging from the day including this super sweet one from Private hide on You Tube

Throughout the week I’ll be sharing photos, news coverage and tales from the day but right now it’s time for the Thank you’s.*

First up the sponsors

Treadlie mag



Sydney Cyclist

Sydney Biscuit Company for providing treats for the end of the ride.

Klink for opening up on the morning and making sure everyone could get coffee before the start of the ride.

To ride leader Leigh

For the ride sweep Doddsy

Alister, Jonathon and everyone who helped marshal the riders through, around and past the streets of Sydney.

Yogi, even though you weren’t there on the day, thank you for all your help in the lead up the the ride.

Senior Constable Keith Williams for being so helpful, with all the forms and official ride stuff and for stopping traffic to allow the ride to start off on George st and again at King st.

Arthur the bread man for baking and delivering all the bread rolls.

Stephen and all the people who manned the BBQ thank you all for feeding everyone.

Richard from the Strand Hatters who offered discounts to the riders and helped out with people for the photoshoots.

All the volunteer models for the Tweed press photoshoots.

Jess from Goody two shoes for all her wonderful press and PR work, Farel for all his online media work.

Dittmar for the poster art.

Martine for being there on the day and helping out.

Nick, Grant and all the crew from MC Cyclery for all their support of the ride.

To my Englishman who not only helps organise but makes me lots of cups of tea while I’m going more than slightly mental trying to figure out just how it is all going to come together.

Lastly to everyone who found their tweed got dressed up and came for the ride I truly hope you had a wonderful day out and thank you so much for coming along.

*Apologies if I have forgotten anyone, please let me know if I have and will add you to the list.


2 responses to “The Sydney Tweed Ride report – part 1 – thank you’s

  1. Hey Susan,
    A big thanks to you and Ian for another great Tweed Ride.
    All your hard work paid off, again, resulting in a brilliant day out for everyone.

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