Rocket Fuel in training – the week of mixing it up

First up thank you all for the words of encouragement and advice you gave me after last week’s lamentations that things weren’t going quite to plan. It helped enormously and gave me new motivation.

Nicole aka @aquagirl72 told me to “mix it up” so this is how the week of mixing it up went.

1. Enjoy Saturdays cheat meal

2. Big run on Sunday, had about 10 min to go and not quite 2km to cover. Pushed myself hard and made the 2km.

3. order groceries online and get them delivered. Clean healthy foods, some more greens, different proteins.

4. ride to and from contract work each day (about 5km each way)

5. Run Tuesday and Thursday nights AND Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.

6. Bunch ride Friday morning (in the pouring rain).

Fell good, feel strong and am down at least 500 grams (small loss but still a loss).

So a heartfelt thank you to all and I’ll keep working hard.


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