In the studio – treasures from Japan

Recently our good friend Meg was back for a visit and we finally got to give her a present we’d picked up in Japan a gorgeous vintage kimono*

It was incredibly difficult to photograph so I ended up just taking detail shots of the patterns and the contrast of fabric between the neck band and the main body of the garment.

We picked it up while in Kyoto from this wonderful place which I am fairly certain was the shop owners garage. Each night around dusk a roller door would open up and there would be a few racks packed with vintage kimonos and belts and other apparel and an odd assortment of curios and antiques.

It was wonderfully wacky and eccentric and just one of those experiences that make travelling so worthwhile an experience.

*According to the shop owner this is not technically a kimono but rather an undergarment that would traditionally be worn above the underwear and under a formal kimono. It is 100% cotton and the neck band is a woven satin. Undergarment or not it is absolutely gorgeous and way too pretty to be covered up.


One response to “In the studio – treasures from Japan

  1. yep, I went to Kyoto and was amazed by the fabrics…. I even brought home some bits to do something with… shhh I know . I know. very manly of me.

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