I want a pretty bike

For a little while I’ve wanted a new commuter bike. This horrible summer of seemingly endless rain has propelled the want even further. Problem is I can’t find what I want.

So I’m asking for help, I’ll list what I want and a few restrictions and if you think you can find the perfect bike for me please leave me a message at the end of this post. Thanks so much!

Ok so now what the bike must have

  • a few gears, not many but definitely not singlespeed (I use this thing to haul groceries, get to and from work and sometimes one gear is just not enough for me)
  • proper brakes (no back pedal or brakeless)
  • mudguards
  • front basket or space to attach front basket
  • rear rack
  • skirt guard is optional but would be nice
  • not weigh a million kilos (I have to negotiate stairs and it defeats the purpose of getting a commuter bike if it’s too heavy to actually use)
  • a step through style or mixte style would be nice
  • decent componentry (internal hub gears would be awesome), this bike will be ridden rain, hail or shine.
  • be pretty to look at, bonus points if it also comes in a range of colours to choose from

and here is the big one, the one that has so far prevented me from finding a bike

  • must be able to fit a small female who just reaches 150cm (5 foot)

I can find any number of pretty bikes with all the wants I have listed but they are all too big!

I tried one today and even on a step through with the seat as low as it could go there was no way I could get off the seat to put my foot on the ground without needing a ladder of some kind! (slight exaggeration but not by much).

So can anyone help find me a pretty bike?


2 responses to “I want a pretty bike

  1. I’d go to Europa cycles in kensington. Their custom frames are about a quarter the price you’d pay elsewhere (because they use cheap steel, which for most people isn’t a huge concern).
    All of those features you want can be put in the design spec, like the size, colour, clearances, mounts, etc. The one thing on your list it could fail on would be weight. But with such a small frame it might be ok. For gearing, tokyo bikes have a nice concept (also saw this in a racer rosa bike yesterday) which is a single medium sized chainring on the front, then an 7/8 speed wide range mtb cassette on the back, staying minimal but giving a useful range of gears. You could spec for this too.

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