Rocket Fuel in training: running through my head

It never ceases to amaze me the way my brain works, particularly when I’m doing something like running.

This was my thoughts from a longer run last week

ohh sunny, yay!

just keep the pace steady, if you get past the first lap maybe we can walk awhile?


breathe, just breathe

giggle, giggle that girl is wearing spotty pants under her tights! you can see right through them! ha ha

slow a little, just be consistent

if you make the first whole lap running maybe we can have something extra sweet as a reward later on?

wonder what that tree is? it smells nice

why do people feel the need to walk and take up the entire path and then be offended when you politely go to the side to pass them?

intersection, jog on the spot and breathe and go, not too fast just back up to pace

2/3rds of first lap done just keep putting one foot in front of the other

purple scooter! with orange wheels…mmm colour combo I could use that in that design and then use that trim….whole section of design ideas

yay The Ramones just came on my playlist, push a little harder it’s a short song

did the first lap and feeling strong so just keep going

inside track take the trail

I love trail running it makes me work harder

oops just got passed by an old guy…euww he’s wearing short shorts, saw old guy butt!!! arghhh

ok eyes down watch the trail and run, pick up the pace up bit

yeah that sweet extra not having that, not working this hard to undo it later on

wonder what other trails I can run?


pick up the pace a bit, watch where my feet are going on this narrow section

euww old guy passing me the opposite way and has now not got a shirt on…euww euww euww

go a bit faster for this next song, keep breathing

and from there I kind of get into the rhythm and I’m off, I can keep a consistent pace and my brain wanders all over the place but rarely do I have to come back and remind myself how to run.

I can get to that part it’s good but lately my runs have just been filled with the first bit where it’s all mental bribery and thinking about how to run too much. Then I get bored and end up walking instead of running.

So last week I changed the scenery by running somewhere different, changed my playlist and set myself a longer time goal to work towards. It worked too. I was more consistent from km to km on speed and time and ended up running an extra 5 minutes on top of what I had planned to at the beginning too.

Hopefully I can keep mixing it up a bit and get better overall?


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