Tonight we run!

Right now am pretty nervous and I think that’s only going to increase as the day goes on, why? Well tonight is the Nike She Runs the Night 13km run.

Considering I only found out about the run about a fortnight ago I feel ok preparation wise. For the past 2 Sunday’s I have done a 10km run which I survived (survived the one this Sunday past better than the one the week before) and while I won’t be speedy tonight I just hope to finish.

Last night I had a good meal and have got my gear all laid out. Run tights, run top, Road ID, hair bands, socks and trainers all ready to go. I’ve even attached my timing chip to my laces already!

Ive also packed a bag for post race. 2 Camelbak bike bottles (one of water, one of cordial), warm top, warm tights and my run jacket.

So think of me tonight at 7pm when it all starts and send me a cheer to help me get round the course and I’ll do a race report to let you all know how I go.


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