UK Holday – Day 5 – Jane Austen’s Bath

I was so excited about going to Bath! I’m a big Jane Austen fan and to see the actual places where her characters were walking and talking and where she herself lived was all very exciting.

I had too many photos so am breaking this into 2 posts. The first one will be all Jane Austen related and the second will be everything else we saw in Bath today.

The Assembly rooms (above) feature in many of the books and are always described as a hive of activity. These days it is a fashion museum and coffee shop.

The interior is wonderfully preserved and the most gorgeous shades of blue and lemon with gilt edging.

This rather wonderful lens flare occurred in the main room which had a high domed ceiling and would’ve been the place of the dancing. I like to think the candlelight might have looked like this?

From The Assembly rooms we walked down and onto Gay Street.

Austen lived on this street in one of these houses.

Her actual house is now a dentist but you can visit the museum on the same street and see the type of house she would’ve lived in.

The museum itself is quite interesting. You have a talk about Austen and then are shown through the house where a series of vignettes of her life and Bath in her time are set up.

It also has a store where lots of Austen merchandise can be found. I picked up some great books that detail the clothes of her time period and also where all the movie productions of the novels have been filmed. A Keep Calm and Read Jane Austen tea towel may have also found it’s way into my collection.

This walk is the walk where Wentworth and Anne take go at the end of Persuasion. Apparently it’s quite obvious that it is this exact walk if you follow the twists and turns and street names mentioned in the novel.

It is a beautiful walk and part way up there is a garden that is open to the public and in the midst of being properly restored. They uncovered an almost untouched Edwardian garden and have re done the plantings and opened it for viewing. It’s really sweet.

It was so fun seeing the Austen parts of Bath, like the novels coming to life. Highly recommended for any Austen fan.


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