Riding in Style – in the rain?

This past summer really tried my patience as a cycle commuter. I don’t have far to ride, it’s an easy ride and mostly I enjoy it. But with what seemed like weeks of endless heavy rain I just got sick of riding in the wet.

It wasn’t so much the riding in the rain (which is often quite fun) it was the getting saturated within moments of leaving the house and never being able to keep what I was carrying to work dry.

I was resorting to putting things into multiple plastic bags, then into carry bags (some of which were marked waterproof but quite clearly were not). It was a whole lot of hassle and just no fun.

Once or twice I just gave up and caught the train. Not only did it take ages it was filled with noisy smelly people (most of whom seemed to have some kind of cold and were hellbent on ensuring as many others got coughed and sneezed on as possible). So clearly that was not going to be a solution.

The riding in the rain I could cope with but I decided a few things would make my life easier

1 – better lights for the bike
2 – a better basket that could allow me to attach lights to it
3 – a waterproof bag to carry my gear to and from work

So I did some research and I found some things that would make it easier. Over the next few weeks  I’ll be sharing the finds with you in case a simple solution is what you were looking for too?

That and hoping that this summer is a lot drier than the last one!


2 responses to “Riding in Style – in the rain?

  1. Riding in the rain can be completely miserable, especially if it’s cold. I’ll look forward to hearing your solutions! Here in Washington D.C., I fear thunderstorms. We’re not really part of the American South, but it sure doesn’t seem like it when one is rolling in…

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