Riding in Style – Brooks Basket

One of my big hassles last summer in the torrential rain was lighting and the ability to carry stuff. So I knew for my basket I wanted to ensure a few things

– looks good, I am all for practical I just think practical should also be good design
– fits on existing bike but would easily transfer to new bike if/when I should upgrade
– I could mount lights with a battery pack onto the basket
– easy to take the basket on and off the bike so I can take it shopping etc So a handle or an easy way to carry it around would be handy.

So I knew what I was looking for,thankfully a very simple solution was found very easily.

The Brooks Hoxton basket is fantastic design, clips on and off the bike easily.

The fabric pouch inside contains the mounting bracket for the handlebars.

I could mount lights on it (though it may need to be drilled or use zip ties or something?) and it’s Brooks so of course it would be easily transferable to a new bike if I should upgrade.

In short it was close to being the perfect basket. It’s only downside was the bars are quite wide apart and I needed something where stuff wasn’t going to fall out. Luckily the good folks at Brooks had already thought of that too.

Come by next week to read all about it.


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