Riding in Style – Brooks Bag

So after finding my almost perfect basket, I knew I’d be needing a bag to ensure things don’t fall out of my basket but also to keep everything dry!

Brooks thought of this and have the Camden Tote Bag.

It is designed to fit perfectly inside the Hoxton basket. It is made from a heavy duty canvas with leather straps and the internal has a plastic liner, combined with a waterproof zip it makes it a bag that can stand up to a whole bunch of rain!

It also works great as a shopping bag as I can fill it up and then just pop it into my basket and ride away. A great design and a great solution to being able to carry things and keep them dry. The nice long straps fit easily over my shoulder.

I’ve also discovered that if I buy more groceries than the bag can fit. I pop the big items into the basket and then I can pull the straps of the bag one over each shoulder and wear it like an improvised backpack.

The other thing I added to my basket was a stretchy black elastic net. It’s not pretty, it’s looks kind of messy but it stops random passers from grabbing stuff out of my basket, or when I go over bumps things from “jumping” out of my basket.


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