Ride to – Work

On the recent Ride to Work day instead of joining in the festivities I decided to take my camera and photograph my ride to work.

The bike lanes were filling up, some were the regular riders I spot everyday and others were out for the first time (and loving every moment if the big smiles were anything to go by).

I love these quiet streets, mostly I am the only person using them.

Coolest house in Sydney.

A tiny part of a huge mulberry tree that is on a corner. Sometimes I spot school kids on each other’s shoulders snitching the berries off the tree.

Ironically a closed bike lane on Ride to Work day (it was only closed in the morning and only on that day).

There is this cool little lane that runs beside a community garden and a warehouse. The mural is a recent addition but I really like riding past the creatures each day.

The last one is looking back down the lane, it’s pedestrian and bicycle only and always makes me feel like their is an interconnected secret way around the city only known to cyclists.

From here it’s only a few streets and I’m at work. Sadly I missed the photos of the cats I normally see as they weren’t out that day. I’ll have to try and catch them another day.


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