Rocket Fuel in training – why ugly shoes work

Mid to late 2012 I got new running shoes. I’d been experiencing some leg pain and I couldn’t get the pain to go away despite massage, osteo visits and rest so I decided to go and get my gait looked at again.

Alister at The Running Company was super helpful as always and got me to run on the treadmill barefoot to see how I was going. He was astounded to find out that my feet and legs have gotten stronger. I’ve gone from needing a super stabilising sneaker to going to something more lightweight and better suited to my new style of running.

Sadly my new sneakers are ugly. And not just a little bit ugly but a whole lot of ugly. With iridescent pink and silver snakeskin they are decidedly bling and not in the sparkle mui mui heels type of way.

I didn’t buy them, the designer in my was revolting at the idea of such ugly shoes.

So I made a deal with myself. These shoes are a means to an end. Get them, trash them, run them into the ground and for every footfall, kilometre and heartbeat I wear them think not about how ugly they are but what they allow me to do, how far they allow myself to push past what I thought I could do.

And for that I love my ugly shoes.

new sneakers


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