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Team Sky make their own Christmas cards!

So simple and so wonderfully awesome and why didn’t I think of that?


Charming Bike artwork

These two pieces by Chase and Wonder are just so charming. I love the imagery of old hot air balloons so team that with bikes and it’s all just so lovely.

More details available here found via Swiss Miss

3 pieces of bike art I’d put on my walls

1 – 1950 Barra Randonneur Bike Print by Chalk Chalk on etsy.

2 – Monsters on bikes by Matthew Dent

3 – Methods of Transit used by Modern Man by Jim Bobbin

Bicycle art from Made by Joel

Creative people inspire me so much and one whom I admire alot is Joel of Made by Joel. His toys and creations for his kids are the coolest kid toys around and he turns the most simple supplies into things of wonder.

So when he posted up a painting he had done that was inspired by a pair of Paul Smith socks I just knew I had to share

Take some time to check out his blog and instructions for toy making they really are amazing.

Vintage wrapping paper

This image is apparently some vintage wrapping paper and I just find it so charming. The long socks, scarves and caps, the style of the drawing and the colours it’s all just wonderful. Found via Thompson Family

Happy Halloween

Spooky gift cards from Melbourne’s talented Ask Alice

Thereza Rowe – bicycle inspired art

Wonderfully whimsical art but I just couldn’t go past the image of a fox wearing a natty scarf on a bicycle.

Art by Thereza Rowe found via Creature Comforts