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Merry Christmas

We had a quiet day that started with a run for me and a ride for the Englishman. For the first time it was just the 2 of us (and the cat) for Christmas.

That didn’t stop us from blending his favourites from an English Christmas with mine from an Australian Christmas and ending up with an odd assortment of salads, baked potatoes and meat that once flew, swam and ran.

parsnips pinapple prawns salads spuds the whole lot


Friday night dinners

Recently we met up with some of our awesome Twitter friends whom we’d never met in person before. It was a fun filled night with food, lots of talking about cycling, ginger beer slurpees and feeding possums!

The following Friday night we went back to the same Japanese place for food but this time we snapped some photos.

Spring rolls

Tofu Vegie Don


Spicy Chicken

Rocket Fuel in training – cooking with Dr Lim

More on the cooking theme this week with these great videos from Dr Lim on the food prepared for racers.

Cycling Food

It’s no secret I love cycling and cooking and when the two of them come together it’s just made of WIN.

During the Vuelta the awesome blog Veggin the Vuelta had me wishing to move to Spain and eat vegetarian food and cycle all the time.

I mean check out this potato omelette!

For more of their amazing recipes jump on over to their blog and check out all the yummy looking food. Veggin

D.I.Y Tuesday -Paris Brest Paris this week, celebrate with a cake!

This weekend hundreds of cyclists will be lining up to take part in Paris – Brest – Paris. It is sure to be an amazing time for them as they attempt such a historical race.

Now perhaps you haven’t done the training or the qualifying rides to be able to take part? Never fear here at Rocket Fuel HQ we have a way for you to enjoy this historical race.

We present to you the Paris -Brest cake!

It is made in a circle shape to look like a bicycle wheel and was invented by a baker who had a store on the route and wanted to help celebrate the great race.

Made from choux pastry with a cream filling it has continued to be a favourite treat ever since.

You can find the full recipe and how to on the Joy of Baking

The Daily Tweed – scone recipes

A round up of the best recipes we can find to get you baking to win the “best dressed picnic blanket” at the Tweed Games right after the Tweed Ride!

Whole wheat raspberry ricotta scones from smitten kitchen

The wonderful Martha Stewart has over 16 recipes to choose from.

Lemonade scones from Taste (I’ve heard these made an appearance at last year’s Tweed Ride and were a big hit!)

Date scones (my favourite) from All Recipes

I hope this helps with the baking and you’ll be all ready for some yummy scones post ride as you watch and participate in the Tweed Games!

The Daily Tweed – picnic inspiration

This year as part of the Tweed Games that will be happening post ride one of the prizes will be going to the best dressed picnic blanket. So here is a post choc a block filled with inspiration for the best picnic ever.

Click on the images to be taken to the recipes.

via H&M

Raspberry topped lemon muffins via Smitten Kitchen

I made a batch of the raspberry lemon muffins the other night to taste test and wow yummo!

Inside out Neapolitan cake from Sweetpolita

I dream of being able to cook a cake that looks that good!

Or if cookies are more your thing how about these icecream style ones?

Icecream cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle

Pink Rainbow cake from Call Me Cupcake

So these are pretty fancy cakes but they are here to give you inspiration to whip up something from a batch of scones to cucumber sandwiches bring your picnic blanket and have a great time hanging out with everyone after the Tweed Ride.

See you all there! oh and if you have other recipes or inspiration you’d like to share add them in the comments am always looking for new recipes!