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Home Industry Workshop this weekend!

Our amazing friends over at home industry are running workshops so you can learn how to repair and cover a drop in style chair. Just the first of what I am sure will be many workshops to share their fantastic array of skills with everyone.

So start scouring the roadside for chairs in hard rubbish and get on over to home industry and book yourself in for a workshop.


Camera tales of FAIL

When learning to use a new camera always remember, remove the lens cap before taking the picture!

Failure to remove lens cap means lots of pics that look like this......

Views of Sydney

Recently our friend Sami had a housewarming and we captured this photo of his stunning view.

Thanks for the great party Sami, we’ll catch up with you soon!

In the Studio – thing’s I’ve made

Some of the little girls will be getting special parcels of sewn treats this week.

A cream hooded cape with the cutest owl lining.

An adorable bubble dress.

And getting ready for Christmas I’ve even found these great panels to make Christmas stockings from! These ones are bound for a friends Christmas parcel.

made of WIN Sesame Street and the Beastie Boys

Present for a friend

A good friend of ours is moving overseas which is sad because we will miss her and awesome because it’s a huge opportunity for her and we get to go visit her in San Francisco (I’ve already said I want to meet the Mythbusters, so told her she has to go make friends with them before we come over).

One of things she has to leave behind in Australia is her beloved bunny.

He will be well looked after while she is away but we didn’t want her to be sad without him, so a quick conversation with Torunn from Herbert and friends resulted in this little guy

How crazy cute is that little tail??

All of the Herbert and friends creatures come with amazing stories about their lives which are so funny. This time we made one up for the bunny.

Bunners likes to eat grass and secretly thinks he is more distinguished than Mr. Darcy. He is looking forward to heading overseas as he is on the hunt for the world’s best ice-cream. He also likes Earl Grey tea with milk and to ride in the basket of orange bicycles.

Admiration for – A Portrait of the American Craftman

Sometimes you see something and it just resonates within you, as you watch you nod your head or get that ache in your chest that makes you think “that’s what I want”. I got that feeling when I first saw the “A portrait of the American Craftsman”. Take some time to go through the images, they are arresting and tell such a story. Of people who do honest hard work every day for the love of their craft.

The love and care these people put into their work, that’s what I want to aspire to be known for. The hard work, skill and craftmanship they display is truly touching.