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I want a pretty bike

For a little while I’ve wanted a new commuter bike. This horrible summer of seemingly endless rain has propelled the want even further. Problem is I can’t find what I want.

So I’m asking for help, I’ll list what I want and a few restrictions and if you think you can find the perfect bike for me please leave me a message at the end of this post. Thanks so much!

Ok so now what the bike must have

  • a few gears, not many but definitely not singlespeed (I use this thing to haul groceries, get to and from work and sometimes one gear is just not enough for me)
  • proper brakes (no back pedal or brakeless)
  • mudguards
  • front basket or space to attach front basket
  • rear rack
  • skirt guard is optional but would be nice
  • not weigh a million kilos (I have to negotiate stairs and it defeats the purpose of getting a commuter bike if it’s too heavy to actually use)
  • a step through style or mixte style would be nice
  • decent componentry (internal hub gears would be awesome), this bike will be ridden rain, hail or shine.
  • be pretty to look at, bonus points if it also comes in a range of colours to choose from

and here is the big one, the one that has so far prevented me from finding a bike

  • must be able to fit a small female who just reaches 150cm (5 foot)

I can find any number of pretty bikes with all the wants I have listed but they are all too big!

I tried one today and even on a step through with the seat as low as it could go there was no way I could get off the seat to put my foot on the ground without needing a ladder of some kind! (slight exaggeration but not by much).

So can anyone help find me a pretty bike?


Cycling Food

It’s no secret I love cycling and cooking and when the two of them come together it’s just made of WIN.

During the Vuelta the awesome blog Veggin the Vuelta had me wishing to move to Spain and eat vegetarian food and cycle all the time.

I mean check out this potato omelette!

For more of their amazing recipes jump on over to their blog and check out all the yummy looking food. Veggin

Yesterday’s ride

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a long time.

I got up early to go for a ride.

When my wrist was injured I stopped going for early morning rides. The pain was too great and it meant that I couldn’t use my hand for the rest of the day. So once I could ride again, I rode in the late afternoon. That way I’d have the night to pack my arm in ice and recover enough to be able to use my hand the next day.

Alarm was set for pre 6am, kit was laid out, bike was prepped the night before. Once I was up I noticed a few mistakes in my planning. I’d forgotten to change the lenses on my glasses, so instead of tinted lenses I had full on middle of summer protection in. Way too dark to ride with those on so I had to change the lenses. I’d also laid out a black jersey, again too dark to wear in the half light when I was heading out on my own.

Despite the setbacks I was out on the road in the emerging day. It was crispy weather but not cold, just fresh and invigorating. I made my way through Oxford street, quiet after the noise and party of the weekend’s Mardi Gras but sadly still filled with broken glass. Luckily none of the glass caused a problem.

I was heading towards Centennial Park, the roads were fairly quiet. I passed 2 biggish groups of riders heading back. I always wonder what their morning has been like when I see them finishing as I’m just starting.

A few early commuters were passed and then I was into the park. I expected it to have it’s fair share of cyclists but seems we weren’t the only ones out, with runners, walkers, dogs, excercise groups and even the mounted Police taking their houses for a canter all in the park.

The mist was still rolling off the low sections and duck ponds creating an eerie white haze that was simultaneously odd and comforting.

A few laps, a chat with a friend, a few more laps and then headed home. Not an impressive ride by any standards, it was neither long nor hard nor broke any records. It was however the start of me being able to ride more often as my injured wrist heals and that in itself is remarkable and deeply satisfying.

I went for a ride today and it was awesome

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit down about cycling, I’ve been injured and unable to ride as much and all the fun seems to have been sucked out of it. All anyone ever seems to talk about is helmets, stupid articles in the newspapers that appeal to the lowest common denominator and just all other kinds of trivial junk.

And then I went for a ride. And all the trash just went away.

It was fun, it was liberating and I realised that real cycling no matter if it’s for commuting, fun or sport has almost nothing to do with all the never ending arguments.

So instead of boring or frustrating myself with silly articles and even dumber arguments, I’m just going to ride and have fun. Encourage others to ride and have fun and hopefully be sheer numbers of people riding and having fun there will be no need for all the other annoyances because everyone will be out cycling and not looking for something to argue about.

Go have a ride, it will make you feel better…it really will.