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D.I.Y Tuesday – helmet makeover

This is a simple yet effective bike helmet makeover. Love a bit of customisation to make things more your style.


Head over to I still love you for all the details of the D.I.Y


D.I.Y Tuesday – add a pocket

Ever found the perfect dress or skirt for riding to meet friends or go shopping only to find it lacks any kind of pockets? Where will you put your bike lock keys?

Well now following these simple instructions you can add a cute and functional pocket to your outfit!


Found via Country Living

D.I.Y Tuesday – bike grocery panniers

Got some extra grocery bags lying around? Then this D.I.Y is for you


Super simple idea, for all the details head over to Bike Hacks

D.I.Y Tuesday – extra storage?

This is ‘Reel’ BY Yeongkeun Jeong and I’ve seen people raving about how great an idea it is.


I’m yet to be convinced, but if anyone wanted to try it a few metres of elastic from your local sewing supplier and some time spent wrapping up your frame and it’d be an easy D.I.Y


D.I.Y Tuesday – Bike Basket with ruffles!

This super cute D.I.Y was spotted over at see Kate sew and was done by the ultra talented Lemon Squeezy Home.


Pop over here for the full instructions.

D.I.Y Tuesday – stained glass bike light

Yes you read that title right, it’s a stain glass light for your bike. Oddly it’s quite beautiful and on the right bike could be very stunning?

Picture 3

Check out the full D.I.Y on instructables.

D.I.Y Tuesday – repaint your bike

A new year, a new paint job might just be the thing to get you riding a bit more? or maybe you have a beater bike that could benefit with a bit of TLC?

This handy how to from UncommonFlock might might be just the D.I.Y you need?