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In the Studio – MT tape cupcake toppers

I was feeling crafty the other afternoon so I used some toothpicks and MT tape to make these cupcake toppers for a baking friend!


In the Studio – beads!

A good friend recently got a new job and was worried she only had black and white clothes to wear to work and wanted a pop of colour but didn’t want to spend any cash.

So I got some FIMO and made some beads and popped them into the post to her.

Will hopefully add some brightness to her outfits?

If anyone is interested in buying some necklaces let me know, I have more available.

In the Studio – cat in a bag!

What happens when the cat is being stubborn and refuses to get out of the empty Ikea bag?

Cat in a bag! She quite happily was carried about for a few moments before she got bored and jumped out.

In the studio – treasures from Japan

Recently our good friend Meg was back for a visit and we finally got to give her a present we’d picked up in Japan a gorgeous vintage kimono*

It was incredibly difficult to photograph so I ended up just taking detail shots of the patterns and the contrast of fabric between the neck band and the main body of the garment.

We picked it up while in Kyoto from this wonderful place which I am fairly certain was the shop owners garage. Each night around dusk a roller door would open up and there would be a few racks packed with vintage kimonos and belts and other apparel and an odd assortment of curios and antiques.

It was wonderfully wacky and eccentric and just one of those experiences that make travelling so worthwhile an experience.

*According to the shop owner this is not technically a kimono but rather an undergarment that would traditionally be worn above the underwear and under a formal kimono. It is 100% cotton and the neck band is a woven satin. Undergarment or not it is absolutely gorgeous and way too pretty to be covered up.

In the Studio – thing’s I’ve made

Some of the little girls will be getting special parcels of sewn treats this week.

A cream hooded cape with the cutest owl lining.

An adorable bubble dress.

And getting ready for Christmas I’ve even found these great panels to make Christmas stockings from! These ones are bound for a friends Christmas parcel.

In the studio – patterns

It was a big weekend of sewing and sleeping as I made some new clothes and recovered from a cold.

Vintage fabrics always an inspiration.




In the Studio – movies of cool

Not feeling the best over the weekend (sore throat I am hoping doesn’t turn into more) so some quality movie watching was had.

First up – High Fidelity

Followed by the ever awesome Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

and because I’m missing Japan Lost in Translation