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Rocket Fuel in training – Make it count

This Nike campaign just makes me want to get out there!


Rocket Fuel in training – why ugly shoes work

Mid to late 2012 I got new running shoes. I’d been experiencing some leg pain and I couldn’t get the pain to go away despite massage, osteo visits and rest so I decided to go and get my gait looked at again.

Alister at The Running Company was super helpful as always and got me to run on the treadmill barefoot to see how I was going. He was astounded to find out that my feet and legs have gotten stronger. I’ve gone from needing a super stabilising sneaker to going to something more lightweight and better suited to my new style of running.

Sadly my new sneakers are ugly. And not just a little bit ugly but a whole lot of ugly. With iridescent pink and silver snakeskin they are decidedly bling and not in the sparkle mui mui heels type of way.

I didn’t buy them, the designer in my was revolting at the idea of such ugly shoes.

So I made a deal with myself. These shoes are a means to an end. Get them, trash them, run them into the ground and for every footfall, kilometre and heartbeat I wear them think not about how ugly they are but what they allow me to do, how far they allow myself to push past what I thought I could do.

And for that I love my ugly shoes.

new sneakers

Rocket Fuel in training – wish list

I think my runs would be much more fun and certainly faster if I had a pair of these tights to wear


Found via

Tonight we run!

Right now am pretty nervous and I think that’s only going to increase as the day goes on, why? Well tonight is the Nike She Runs the Night 13km run.

Considering I only found out about the run about a fortnight ago I feel ok preparation wise. For the past 2 Sunday’s I have done a 10km run which I survived (survived the one this Sunday past better than the one the week before) and while I won’t be speedy tonight I just hope to finish.

Last night I had a good meal and have got my gear all laid out. Run tights, run top, Road ID, hair bands, socks and trainers all ready to go. I’ve even attached my timing chip to my laces already!

Ive also packed a bag for post race. 2 Camelbak bike bottles (one of water, one of cordial), warm top, warm tights and my run jacket.

So think of me tonight at 7pm when it all starts and send me a cheer to help me get round the course and I’ll do a race report to let you all know how I go.

The 10km test

After losing my mind my last week and signing up for a 13km run in just a few weeks the test this weekend was to run 10km.

I’ve been averaging shorter runs until now so we had it programmed to run 10 min walk 1 minute repeat until 10km was done. I made sure I memorised the route so I could try and pace my efforts as best I could.

I use my iPhone to track my runs. Either via run keeper or one of the apps like c25k. This way I get prompts on timing, music and it will record a map for me as well. This works for me as I’m not so big with numbers when it comes to training I just want to know the basics.

Started off really well, felt good and pace was up, 2km in and feeling fine, around 3km the music stops. I pull out my phone and try to get it to play music and nothing is happening. Am getting the voice prompts but no music. In desperation I restart the run from the beginning but I can’t skip forward the warm up walk. Getting increasingly frustrated and yelling a string of swear words in my head I start to get really angry. Why can’t simple things just work. Music plus prompts from an app that is designed to do just that! By now I am sitting on the curb trying to get it to work and wasting valuable time.

I feel like turning it all off and walking back to my bike and sitting down and having a good cry and just quitting. But I’m also really really pissed off that the useless hunk of junk just isn’t working. So I turn off the app, put some music on and start running again.

Now I have 7km to do with no prompts to help me to figure out pace and timing or any record of how I will do it so I can learn from it later.

I keep running, I give up entirely on the concept of 10 minutes run walk 1 minute and just keep running. I pass the start line again and now I have to go up the hill. I keep steady and keep going up, about half way I have to stop and walk a bit to not only catch my breathe but also to avoid the cars, bikes, runners that all seem to be at the one spot at the one time. Quickly I am back running and hit the top of the hill, downhill for bit, walk a little and then run to go back up round the top and downhill back to the start line and then another lap to go.

To get through it without the voice prompts I am used to there is a running commentary in my head. Mostly it’s all the voices telling me to give up and that it’s too hard, am not fit enough, too fat, not a runner blah blah blah. The rest is me telling it to shut up and trying to push it out of my head or at the very least to the side and allow me to figure out if I really hurt or if it’s just a ruse to get me to give up.

Once I’ve passed what will be the finish line I keep thinking that’s one more step you don’t have to take again. The final lap had 3 sections of walking, never more than 100m and mostly less than that. I felt like I was on automatic and just keep pushing forward.

I was however really needing a drink. I could taste the salt around my mouth and my mouth was dry. Coming round past where the bikes were I spot The Englishman already finished his run.*

Pushing on I make it to the finish line. Apart from needing some water am feeling ok. I walk a few meters and then think may as well run back to the bikes, so start running again. About half way back I meet The Englishman who has water and a jacket for me. Gulping down the water I feel so much better and pull the jacket on despite the heat pouring out of me.

So I did the 10km, it wasn’t pretty, I was really angry that I had no record of it and that my plans had been mixed up so early on. But I did it.

* while I was struggling to do my 10km The Englishman was on an easy run and knocked out a lazy 13.5km….yeah that’d be nice for an easy run!

Rocket Fuel in training – She runs the night, Nike run

Even though you aren’t reading this till Friday, it’s Thursday night now and I just took the plunge and entered a running event! Eep!

It’s only a few weeks away and is one of the Nike she runs events.

I’ve never run in an event before, I’ve never run this distance before and I have no idea what it’s going to be like or what’s going to happen? I’m not fit enough and I’m carrying extra kilos.

But despite all that it’s pretty exciting.

Am testing myself this weekend by going for a 10km run, will keep you all updated on how I go.

Rocket Fuel in training – over Christmas

One of the reasons I had taken up running last year was because I knew I would be in England for Christmas and with no bike or kettlebells for 3 weeks and surrounded by amazing food I knew I’d have to be doing something to ensure I didn’t come back a lot heavier than when I left.

So running it was. It worked out pretty well too, well once I got over the shock of the cold.

Instead of the nice 5 minute warm up walk it was straight out the front door and run. It was too cold not to.

The run itself took me towards town, then across a kids park, past the school and into The Thicket. The thicket sounds like such a wonderful British countryside word, and it was. A tree and shrub lined slightly overgrown path that had the river on one side and a series of houses or fields on the other side. I often wished that each time I went for a run I’d remember to stop and take a photo of how pretty it was, but I always forgot until I made it back to the house again.

The cold was my biggest challenge, I kept starting out too fast and then the cold would catch my breathe and I’d have to slow down and regulate my breathing to ensure I could keep going. If I stopped to walk I cooled down straight away and got cold so I really needed to take to steady so I could breathe consistently.

It took a few goes to get my layering of clothes right, gloves and a beanie were essentials but I often took my gloves off about halfway through the run and put them back on as I exited the The Thicket (the trees really helped cut down the wind so it was great to run prtected from the elements a bit).

Oddly enough  needed far less clothing than I thought I would. The act of running gets your body heat to enormous levels so if I wasn’t careful I was in danger of overheating.

In the end the layering went

singlet run top (with built in bra)

long sleeve sports wool top

lightweight gloves and beanie

long slightly brushed running tights


Nike Gore-Tex sneakers

Occasionally I’d add my running jacket to the top of all this but only till I was warmed up and then it would come off and get tied round my waist.

Will be running again next time we are there but this time am remembering to take photos!