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In the newspaper – some responses

I’ve been giggling all day at the comments the article has attracted on the SMH site.

I’m the kind of cyclist who always stops for the red lights, who doesn’t filter through traffic and will wait for more than one cycle of the lights to see if the trigger has gone off on the sensor. It’s just how I like to ride and I know it’s not everyone’s style but I try and follow the road rules and be polite and it works for me.

But most days I have to go against at least one of the lights on the cycleway. I generally wait and go when the pedestrian light goes (which is when the bike lantern should go if it is triggered correctly). I always feel bad but I also need to get to where I am going. If the signals were automatic or fixed so they were not so difficult to trigger then it would help alot.

Today I was riding in the city and was first at a set of lights and while I was waiting a lady came up to me and said “are you the girl from the newspaper?” I said yes and she congratulated me on riding and said “keep it up” was very sweet of her.

Other queries I have got today

Q. what do you wear in the rain? A – tights or knicks, jersey and a waterproof jacket and a cycling cap to keep the rain off my face and full finger gloves to keep my hands warmer.

Q. Where did you get that dress? A – it’s vintage fabric that I made into that dress using a commercial pattern (Simplicity pattern actually).

Q. Do you always ride in heels? A – not always, I do sometimes but it can ruin your heels if you are not careful so I tend to wear a pair of flat bottomed Adidas shelltoes and swap once I get to my destination.

Q. Do you always ride to and from work? A – generally yes unless it’s a day I’m working from home but even then I’ll use my bike to go to the post or the shops or even fit in a sneaky ride.

Q. Do you own more than one bike? A – yes different bikes for different purposes. You don’t need to own more than one but it depends on what you are using your bikes for.


In the newspaper!

I recently got interviewed for the newspaper about Sydney’s cycleways and it’s in today’s paper. Click here to read the article

And here is the photo of me that accompanies the article

In the photo you can see me standing on the painted diamonds in the bike path. If you don’t lean on these just right then the bicycle lights don’t trigger and you can be left sitting at the lights for sequence after sequence or having to ignore the bike light and just ride when the pedestrians get their green light.

It’s not exactly an ideal situation and it would be great if during peak hour times the lights automatically included a cycle for the bicycle lights.

Hopefully the article will bring some attention to the issue and we might get a change in the sequence?


Thanks to – Outside of the Box and Girl Bug Daily

Thanks to Outside of the Box who have featured Rocket Fuel on their bike related gift guides.

It’s so lovely to read about someone just getting into riding and discovering it all for the first time. Good luck I hope it all works out for you.

Also thank you to The GirlBug Daily for featuring yesterday’s post on riding with heels.

New Rocket Fuel stockist in Canberra

We are so proud to announce another retail stockist of Rocket Fuel, Pushys Bike in Fyshwick Canberra now have a selection of our handmade cycling caps.

Pushys Bike Warehouse

70 Newcastle St

Fyshwick ACT 2609

PH 02 62804984

FAX 02 62391257

Cycling Tips

Just before Christmas the ever helpful Cycling Tips named Rocket Fuel in it’s last minute gift guide.

We wanted to say thank you to Wade and encourage everyone who wants to be a better cyclist in 2011 to head on over and check out his fantastic blog.

Rocket Fuel cycling caps in Treadlie magazine

Just picked up the first issue of Treadlie magazine published out of Melbourne.

It features some Rocket Fuel cycling caps!

Not had a full read through yet but so far looks good. Is aimed at the commuter/transport type rider.

Thankfully the magazine steers away from the “anti road cyclist” tactic in it’s own pages but sadly this article in The Age dregs up much that is bad about that sentiment. If the focus can stay away from the us v’s them argument the magazine could be really great. Showcasing a lifestyle around riding to and from places and the cafes, brands, experiences that can be had from that.

Looking forward to what issue 2 has in store already!

Website of the day and more cycling caps!

In addition to allowing me to have a webstore which is super easy for me to build and maintain today Rocket Fuel is named as weebly’s website of the day!

Also I’ve added up the last bundle of cotton caps onto the site before the Christmas break so you still have time to do some last minute shopping.