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Bikes + Fabric = AWESOME

Being the big fabric nerd that I am I was so excited by this article that not only explained why Garmin riders during the Tour de France were sporting what appeared to be skin tight wet weather jerseys but also all the properties of the fabric!

Article from the Castelli blog here and thanks to The Englishman for the find.


Tour de France – Tour de Food day 1

It’s tour time! Am so excited for the start of the tour am hoping it’s going to be an exciting race filled with champions racing to win.

It also means it’s the start of the tour de food, where every day we give you food and recipes of the region that the tour will be going through that night. So get ready for some great food and hopefully some even better racing!

Day 1

Today the tour takes in the Passage du Gois and one of the speciality foods of the Vendee region is the Mojette bean. A smooth almost rectangular bean.

I’ve found a super simple recipe that combines these beans with gruyere cheese to make a salad. Recipe can be found here.

Maps of the Tour de France

It’s almost Le Tour time and I’m already so excited! In celebrating all things Le Tour I’ve found these gorgeous posters of the maps of past tours. Just fantastic.

Posters available from here